Lightning in a Bottle

Special Thanks to my Daughter Trinity Starr Hungerford and her 3 Friends, we all had a blast at this magical event. Year after year our family journeys back to our home in search of the magic that is LIB. In 2000 I was blessed with the gift of someone inviting me to the very first Lightning in a Bottle with few than a hundred souls.  I love this event and I am proud of what it has become.  SPECIAL THNAKS to the entire Do LAB Family 2018 was amazing.

First Fully Permitted Cannabis Open Smoke Event in US History

The Cannabis Cup Sacramento at the Cal Expo Center was the first fully permitted open sales and consumption event ever in US History. It was surreal to be at the event this weekend seeing people blazing right next to the police it was liberating. Finally we are getting the respect we deserve. Thanks to Tef Foo VP THC Design and Bobby Robles From High times for the Vendor All Access Passes….. Weekend for the record books.


Have a beautiful day my beloved California Enjoy yourself.  Check out the new t-shirt design coming soon, we are also gonna do a G Rated  HAF remix.



Sniping and Guerrilla Marketing

In todays fast pace tweets, post and shares are not what they use to be. Potential clients glaze over as they surf social media. We all have learned to smart surf scanning for posts from our inner most circle and tribe of friends and all the advertisements carry very little value even if we do notice them even a little.

Wrong place Wrong Time…

Because we are all so busy just trying to survive… when we do finally decide to engage social media and see how our friends are doing we are not in the correct frame of mind to be sold anything. We are only annoyed by the overwhelming avalanche of nonsense we are fed.  we seek to connect with friends not shop for the services and products we want….

Thats why I love Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns

They hit people when they are far more vulnerable to input.  Driving, Riding  , or Walking we are open to the artistic and marketing concepts can sneak in and surprise the client is being entertained by your brand message not even knowing its part of a campaign that they will only figure out later when they put all the pieces of the puzzle together in there mind..  Most of the time phones are down and people are looking at the landscape of the city think about life. Its at this moment that potential clients are the most influenced .

As our economy’s road to recovery continues to stall, guerrilla marketing campaigns have begun to skyrocket, especially in urban areas.  The most common form of guerrilla marketing is Poster Sniping or “wild” posting, which provides companies with a low cost, yet highly visible marketing campaign.  Since visibility is a key to success of any marketing campaign, it is common to see most high traffic locations in any city setting, (scaffolding, store windows, etc.) flooded with advertisements.

RawOG420 Logo Design Concept

Super excited to see what Brandon thinks of this